How to earn money without investment

Being able to earn money without investment is too good to be true. However, with the presence of different online activities that would let you earn money online and just sitting at the comfort of your home, you can really earn money without having the need to invest and risk your initial money. Here are the top-rated websites that you can visit so that you can now start earning money.

 Start from PTC sites

PTC sites are specifically design for those who wanted to earn money with less than $200 only. This is ideal if you are just planning to buy something and got your budget short. All you need to do is to read the different advertisements that would run about 10 to 30 seconds only and you’ll instantly get paid for each and every advertisement that you have viewed. All PTC sites are free for registration and would not require an investment from you in order to start earning money. For More relevant information click here.

 Work with GPT sites

GPT sites on the other hand, lets you earn money just by watching numerous videos, doing a survey, playing a certain games and other online activities. There are numerous GPT sites online that you can try and you’ll instantly receive your pay check through bank transfer or PayPal.

 Earn money by being a Captcha Solver

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is becoming a Captcha solver. It’s just easy as analysing the captcha images and typing the correct characters. In order for you to have a better income, you have to be very fast to solve more captcha images because for every 1000 captchas you solve you’ll have $2.

 Survey online to earn money


You can also earn money online just by completing different surveys required by a particular company. It’s just easy as providing a feedback and sharing your opinion on their survey. There are some surveys that would just let you pick you answer from the choices so you do not have to write anything. The income would usually depend on the length of the survey that you’ve answered, your profile and the country that you are residing in.

 Earn money from Google AdSense

This is not really easy to begin with but you’ll earn roughly about $200 up to $1000 every month in Google AdSense. All you need to do is to create your own website and create different articles that would draw more traffic into your websites so that you’ll earn money. Always remember that the more traffic in your website, the more chances of generating a better income. You need to undergo a training course first so that you’ll know exactly what to do and some tips to remember.

 Try affiliate marketing


If you prefer a much bigger income and you are really serious about making money online then you have to try affiliate marketing. All you need to do is to sign up to top-rated online stores such as ebay, Amazon and such then you have to start promoting their product. In order to do so, you also have to create your own website and help customers choose the right product that they are looking for. You can earn as much as 4% to 20% commission on each and every product that you’ve promoted.

The money you earn using the methods above roll it over and invest it on binary options and use Quick Cash System. You will earn more money that way. Plus,  you are investing a portion of your income so that’s good.